NPC PED Selection “Quick & Dirty Option”

*NOTE* This option requires you to ‘know’ a specific ped model name. You can find a full list of all NPC peds available at – ALL PEDS related to LEO/First Responders/Coastguard/Federal agents, etc are OFF LIMITS to civilians. If caught using an off-limits ped model, It will be considered impersonation and you will be arrested, Jailed and fined.

Press the F9 Key and navigate the menu to Player Appearance>Spawn Ped Name. Then, type in the ped name completely including underscores. Once you’ve selected a ped, hit [ENTER]

Next, Navigate to [F9]>Player appearance>Customize ped and toggle the peds available options as desired.

Hit [BACKSPACE] key to move back in the menu once. Selecting Randomize or Modify Ped will change available options (limited) Random or modify propers will change available hats/glasses/ extras(Limited)

When you’re done with your selection, Press the F9 key and choose Player appearance>Save current Ped. Type in a name for your ped (this is simply for you to remember which ped is which if you’ve saved multiple peds).

This way you can change back to it at any time with the trainer. *Be sure to save your different peds in this fashion often, and you will create a library for your different characters and convenient switching between them.

*Note: customization options are limited and others may have chosen the same ped – this is why MP customized peds are preferred.

STORE YOUR WEAPONS in your inventory with the F1 menu before swapping peds, or you’ll lose them. You can then re-equip them in the F1 menu once swapped to the new ped appearance.