NPC PED Selection “Quick & Dirty Option”

*NOTE* This option requires you to ‘know’ a specific ped model name. You can find a full list of all NPC peds available at – ALL PEDS related to LEO/First Responders/Coastguard/Federal agents, etc are OFF LIMITS to civilians. If caught using an off-limits ped model, It will be considered impersonation and you will be arrested, Jailed and fined.

When in the character creator, you can select one of the base game peds to use for that character by using the arrow buttons for model. Be mindful of other people’s established characters that may use some of these peds. Do not use someone else’s ped appearance. This just creates confusion and animosity. If you use a base game ped appearance that is already in use by someone else and established, you may have to delete and re-create your character with no return of money, items, vehicles, etc.

*Note: customization options are limited and others may have chosen the same ped – this is why MP customized peds are preferred.