*NOTE: You MUST change your Ped from the default. Failing to change your PED is considered “FailRP’ and you will be kicked from the session.*

ENSURE YOU HAVE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET prior to customizing your MP ped – clothing costs money and without it, you won’t be allowed to save the customized selections.

There are a few ways to change your ped’s appearance.

  • You can use the F9 MP Player options to really make a unique character. This is the preferred method and also allows you to save multiple appearances for changing to as your roleplay needs.
  • You can customize the MP ped to your liking (with a lot of options) at the clothing stores (denoted by the green t-shirt icons on the pause map)
  • The third option is what we call the “quick and dirty” option for changing your ped’s appearance – NPC PED Selection; Switching to an in-game ped with the server-side F9 menu.

STORE YOUR WEAPONS in your inventory with the F1 menu before swapping peds, or you’ll lose them. You can then re-equip them in the F1 menu once swapped to the new ped appearance.

*Note: customization options are limited and others may have chosen the same ped – this is why MP customized peds are preferred.

*NOTE – When switching between “characters”, DO NOT change your identity at the City Hall. Changing your identity at the city hall cause your phone number and tag numbers to change. Just keep your “identity” set as your Steam name.*