*NOTE: You MUST change your Ped from the Default Danny type of look. Failing to change your PED is considered “FailRP’ and you will be kicked from the session.*

Currently, there is no cost to purchase clothing or save outfits in the clothing store locations. All character creation, character clothing, character outfits, and other appearance related things are handled from with the QBCore systems. Our F9 menu is extremely limited and does not include any character appearance editing, saving, or loading. This is intentional.

When you first log into the server and create your character, you do so in the QBCore character creator. Take your time on your facial appearance, as that can’t be changed at this time. You can only buy clothing and save outfits after this. You have 1 hour in the character creator to create your character before you are kicked for inactivity, so don’t waste time or actually go AFK during the process.

You can create more than just one outfit in the character creator if you want. Just be mindful of the AFK timer.

You can change into clothing outfits that you have saved for that character at your apartment, your house (if you’ve purchased one), or some RVs. You can also change into outfits by using the “third-eye” holding LEFT ALT on your keyboard and targeting the driver side rear tire or trunk of most vehicles. When changing at vehicles, keep it realistic if there’s other players around, please.

*NOTE – When switching between characters, you must either use the /logout command or use the F8 quit command. Log back in, pick the character you now want to log back in as. Every single thing is tracked per character. So if you don’t log out of a character and get involved in something illegal with a character you didn’t intend you, any evidence obtained will lead back to them, regardless.*

Getting Around The Area

There are several ways to get around town, player ran buses, player ran taxis where you can call those by using the chat box function or in-game telephone to summon one of those, if a player is on and running those jobs, that is.

You also have the ability to call an npc taxi to take you most anywhere on the map but watch out… the driver can drive like an asshole. You can summon the npc taxi, by using the /taxi command. When he pulls up to your location, set a way point on your map, get in the taxi on the passenger side rear, and (if on controller, press x [x-box style controller]) (“E” key on the keyboard). Pressing space will make him drive erratic and blow through red lights and stop signs.

You can also rent electric bikes around the city. Find the red bike marker on the map and rent one from that point. At the current time of this writing, the rental fee for the bikes is $10.

If you own your personal vehicle, you can call a valet to bring your vehicle to you, so long as it has been stored in a public garage. /valet will open the command to have your vehicle brought to you. Warning, the valet drives like an asshole, he may bring it you damaged, run stop signs and red lights, and drives just like every other local asshole. Stand by the edge of an established roadway for him to come to you.

Public garages are denoted by some icons on the map. They look like blue garages. When you want to store a vehicle in the garage, you will pull up to a floating white arrow, and you will get a prompt to store your vehicle. The floating red arrow in the public garage is where you will retrieve your personal vehicle.