Introduction – Welcome!

The FiveM server is currently locked and WHITELISTED.
General Whitelist Applications for civilians are currently OPEN to the public.
Apply in our Discord.

General Whitelist Application information can be found HERE or in our Discord in the FiveM Server Whitelist Apps category.

NOTE: We are a US-Based FiveM server with mostly US players. As such, our peak population times are evenings and weekends US times. Our pre-scheduled events are on Tuesdays and Saturdays around 9pm-11pm Eastern (may be earlier or later at times). There are approved streamers that may stream on other days/times, as well. Special events are often held on Fridays. If this time zone population activity doesn’t work for you, then you may want to look for another server to maximize your roleplay enjoyment.

Some other things to know prior to applying for our server:

  • Our minimum age to apply for our server is 16.
  • Nobody comes straight in as LEO, Fire/EMS, Coroner, Doctor, etc. These are whitelisted jobs and will require that you be ACTIVE for at least 2-3 months before applying for those.
  • Inactivity will cause you to lose your whitelist spot.
  • Access to our server is a privilege, not a right.

Welcome to Sunny San Andreas, Citizen! We are glad you’re here and hope you’ll stay. To help ease into your new life in our great state, We’ve compiled a handy guide you help walk You through registering your identity with the chamber of commerce, getting Your driver’s license at the DMV, and finding suitable employment. This guide also contains valuable information on important things like where to customize your character and buy clothing, groceries, fast food, pharmaceuticals; how to utilize the real estate market, and We’ve also added Tips on roleplay/survival, game  controls, menu and trainer use, State laws/Court system, economy and nightlife. We couldn’t leave out info on the criminal element in the state, areas to avoid, and what to do if you need to report a crime.

**DON’T FORGET – THIS IS A REALISTIC ROLEPLAY SERVER. Vesting an interest in longer-term Roleplay and developing a storyline for your character is expected. Work, support the economy through buying cars, food, a home and interact with other players.

YOU MUST have a decent sounding microphone and use headphones or earbuds at all times. Horrible mic quality ruins the experience for others, and feedback from your PC speakers does the same. ENGLISH is the language we speak on the server. If you don’t speak English, we can’t understand you, you’ll need to find another server.

Face to face voice chat is proximity based and handled by the built-in MumbleVOIP. PAGEUP on your keyboard will change your range. 99% of the time, you should be on Normal. You can see your range in the bottom left of your screen. No additional download is necessary, unless you have a job that is approved for radio use. In that case, you’ll need TeamSpeak3 client.

Additionally, you MUST be at least 16 years of age to connect to our server, at all.

This Guide contains the basic information to get you started in the Kuffs vRP server. Please note each section contains links to our forum where you can find detailed and up to date information.

It is suggested you join us on our social media pages and community Discord for the best user experience/easiest method for contacting staff.

You MUST abide by the following rules at all times:
Rules & Guidelines Part 1
Rules & Guidelines Part 2

Required and Recommended Files can be found here: Required/Recommended Files

You MUST sign up for the CAD and put your characters in AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR THE SERVER’S GENERAL WHITELIST. That makes it possible for law enforcement and medical responders to update info on their interactions with you. YOUR USERNAME must be your Steam Name or Discord name, or at least close enough to it so we know who you are. We may ban unknown names from access.
1. Join here
2. Enter the permission key you are given after being whitelisted in the permission key box. (It must be entered exactly as given.)
2. Verify your email (check your spam filter & spam folder)
3. Log into the CAD from there on out here:

LOADING INTO THE SERVER: There is a delay in loading into the server that is intended. This gives the server time to load your database information, like hunger, thirst, weapons, appearance, and to also sync the time and weather for your client. It’s also a HEAVILY modded server, so slower internet connections, high pings, and older computers may struggle a bit. The FIRST time you load into the server, you should also get a FivePD notification. This is required to be displayed to all new players by the plugin developers, but you can ignore it. That’s just how our LEO are able to interact with NPCs. If you eventually make your way into the LEO ranks, you’ll be trained on it at that time.

If you notice map texturing and things disappearing, that’s common in a heavily modded server like ours because of the high amount of streamed graphical content. It will help if you turn your graphics settings down to NORMAL. GTA prioritizes the map last, which, I agree, sucks.

Wi-fi connections could cause you and other players issues due to latency and ping spikes, hard wired connections are REQUIRED. It’s also suggested you DO NOT alt-tab out while loading in, that has been known to cause player loading issues.

To connect to the server, use Direct Connect to

AUTO RESTARTS daily at 4am and 4pm Eastern US Time.
Additional auto restarts at 8:30pm Eastern US Time on Tuesdays and Saturdays, for our Official KUFFS Live Stream Events.