Los Santos Transit Bus Route Maps and Information

The Flags on the map indicate BUS STOPS each flag is colored for it’s own routes (stated below) meaning only the bus doing that particular route will stop at the bus stop!

The colored lines shown the route the bus takes.

LS Metro East Route — Red on the Map — Starts at Mission Row Police Department 217 – Ends at Capital Blvd at the Xero 139

LS Metro South Route — Green on the Map — Starts at Strawberry Ave 203 – Ends at Strawberry Ave at the Cool Bean Coffee 210 via LSIA and Davis

LS Metro West Route — Blue on the Map — Starts at San Andreas Ave 204 – Ends at Vespucci Blvd at the LS Job Center 382

Vinewood Hills Route — Orange on the Map — Starts at Diamond Casino 400 – Ends at San Andreas Ave 205