Rules & Guidelines – Part 1

***By connecting to the server and engaging in gameplay, You agree to the server rules, in game laws, etc and agree that your actions are entirely your own, and that you will not hold KUFFS Gaming responsible legally or otherwise for anything that results from your actions, words and behaviors.***

YOU MUST have a decent sounding microphone and use headphones or earbuds at all times. Horrible mic quality ruins the experience for others, and feedback from your PC speakers does the same. ENGLISH is the language we speak on the server. If you don’t speak English, we can’t understand you, you’ll need to find another server.

Additionally, you MUST be at least 16 years of age to connect to our server, at all.

Important Note: KUFFS Gaming Members and other server players are often recording and/or live streaming video/audio. By playing on the server, you agree that your voice, character likeness, etc will be used and published in various media formats. Your play on the server constitutes your acceptance and approval, and waiver of all rights to place any claim against the publisher, KUFFS Gaming, or any other entity involved.

Please understand that we reserve the right to remove your access to the server at any time for violation of the rules or disrupting roleplay of others or for any other reason Admins/Moderators deem necessary.

NO POLITICS, RELIGION, or RACIAL slurs. This is not the place. Things like that cause arguments and division.

Our primary desire for you on our server is that you have fun, but that you don’t mess up the fun for others. Try to roleplay well and don’t just jump in this server to kill people and blow stuff up, etc. This will not be tolerated. Conduct yourself in a way that makes sense and is somewhat realistic.

If something occurs that disrupts gameplay or goes against the spirit of this server and a specific rule does not presently exist in this rule listing, the final call lies with the KUFFS Gaming Crew admin(s) on how the situation will be handled.

Steam Name (Gamer Tags) – You cannot use Steam Names, Gamer Tags, or Discord Names that contain unit numbers from other FiveM servers. This can create confusion with our assigned unit numbers. If you do so, you may be kicked and/or banned. Advertisements for other servers in your Steam Name, Gamer Tags, Discord Name, or Discord custom status is not allowed.

If the server is open and no police officers and/or paramedics are online/on duty, please refrain from violent crimes against other players. This is unfair to other players since they will not have the ability to request police/fire/ems assistance.

Client side mods that give the player an unfair advantage are prohibited. This would include any mods that increase speed, ability, invincibility, other trainers, etc. The only client side modifications allowed are the sound and map overrides we provide in the Required/Recommended Files section of the forum and standard graphics mods without any cheat options included.

Any offer, public or private of an exchange of real money for in game money, money drops, mods, cheats, etc between players will lead to a permanent ban.

Obey all in game laws both traffic and criminal.

Clear abuse/ignorance of ‘in game’ traffic laws and criminal behavior expectations and/or our server rules will result in a ban. This behavior has absolutely no place in roleplay. Disregard for traffic laws and driving at top speed while wrecking everyone else out is prohibited. This is also an example of cop baiting.

Do not engage in “death matching”. Yes this is GTA V, but this is also a roleplay server. Respect others, obey the police (when police are online and on duty) and remember the role play! Have a logical reason to kill another player. Scenarios where violence suits the roleplay is acceptable in small doses. Excessive violence is subject to kick/ban.

Do not engage in “cop baiting”. Any player found to be attempting to intentionally bait the police officers into pursuits, shoot outs/ambushes etc will be banned, so don’t do it. Criminals avoid the police, so again ROLEPLAY! IF you want to roleplay with the police, then use a pre-planned scenario you’ve come up with and follow the spirit of the server.

KEEP THINGS REALISTIC! Rarely is there a need to use sticky bombs, rocket launchers, shoot from the vehicle, or lead police on a chase around the whole map. If you over-do it too often, you may find yourself removed from the server.

Use of trainers should and must fall within normal realistic role play. The predefined list of off-limits weapons, vehicles and related trainer settings should be adhered to at all times. In other words, Any unrealistic/unfair advantages are not to be employed..


– God mode/invincibility/invisibility on peds AND OR vehicles, performance enhancing settings and vehicle modifications, all heavy weapons, mines/sticky bombs/unlimited ammo, no reloading etc are all items that are forbidden unless required for a pre-planned scenario.
– Use proper judgment, play to the realism and the funny and be wise about your choices.
– Likewise, tanks, military/police/armed vehicles are off limits, unless called for in a pre-planned scenario. Aircraft may not be used for the purpose of engaging nor evading the police.
– Emergency vehicles, LEO/EMS/Fire scripts, menus, peds, clothing parts, and props should NEVER be used by civilians, period.
– Assaulting paramedics or firefighters will not be tolerated.
– Again, be wise, and play to the realism.

Do not use base game peds for your characters unless you know it’s not a known character of someone else. It’s always best to use the multiplayer character creator to make your own. Some players have very specific characters that have been long established that use base game ped appearances, so please be mindful of that. If you make a character with one of those that looks like an already established character, you will have to re-create yours.

There should be NO characters roleplayed under the age of 18. Some other things that are off limits are roleplay of sexual assault, child assault or sex, or child pornography.

Approved weapons for civilians are for sale in the various gun shops around the map. Some are legal, some are illegal no matter what. Concealed Carry Licenses are required if you plan to carry a weapon concealed on your character.

Any weapon not able to be purchased, manufactured, or traded in-game is OFF LIMITS.

Approved vehicles for civilians: Muscle cars, passenger vans, pickups, compact, sedan, Motorcycles(PCJ-600, freeway, hellfury, Hexer, Zombie, faggio scooters), bicycles, etc. Approved vehicles can be purchased at Simeon’s or other dealership locations. Utility vehicles are acceptable provided they serve a purpose for role play. Any overpowered vehicle that cannot be purchased, but that you steal could get you kicked/banned. Some vehicles are only available to VIPs and should not be sold/transferred to other players without prior approval. Civilians should never drive, steal, borrow, etc any emergency vehicle, period.

COSMETIC MODS ONLY – PERFORMANCE UPGRADES ARE OFF LIMITS, unless available in the Los Santos Customs or through an approved mechanic shop like Benny’s, Mosley’s or Hayes. Using cheat menus and/or trainers to beef up your vehicle is prohibited.

*One vehicle spawned per person at one time. Unless your vehicle is seized, stolen, totaled or destroyed and HAS BEEN towed away, you do not spawn another vehicle. Ignoring this will cause issues for other players and the game server. Don’t do it. If you spawned the incorrect vehicle, park it back in a public garage or delete it using the delete vehicle option in vMenu (F9) before taking out another vehicle.


CIVILIANS should NEVER use any scripts/vehicles/peds/clothing/props, etc intended for emergency services!

ALL POLICE/Sheriff/law enforcement and emergency services uniform parts are off limits to civilians. IF you have an interest in becoming a police officer or would like to be part of the emergency services, there is an additional application that must be completed.

Once you log into the server for the first time, you will be presented with a character creator. All vehicles, money, inventory, jobs, etc are tracked for each individual character. So you will have to create a character for each persona you plan to use. The character creator allows you to set your initial body appearance and clothing. Future outfits can be picked and saved at clothing store locations. Spend time on your character’s body/face appearance, you can’t change these later, only hair and clothing.

In game traffic laws that are enforced by law enforcement officers:

-Failure to Obey Traffic Light/Sign/Failure to signal for turns
-Speeding/Reckless Driving/Racing/Endangerment (failure to maintain control of the car/driving in a manner that is dangerous to others)
-Failure to maintain assured distance (Tailgating)
-Failure to use or defective lights
-Unroadworthy vehicle/Illegal equipment (Underglow lights/Severly damaged vehicle, flat tires, etc)
-Illegal Turn/U-Turn/Improper Use of Lanes/Illegal passing
-Failure To Signal
-Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
-Driving in Opposite lanes of traffic (Driving on wrong side of road)

Access To The Server

The KUFFSrp server is whitelisted, meaning that only approved players can join. We do not sell or distribute anyone’s IP address and have no desire to do anything shady with it, it’s only use is to grant you access to the server and for framework database purposes. When your application is reviewed, we will use your Discord account to whitelist you. You may also have to be added to additional in-game whitelist(s) when an admin is online. Some jobs that are player ran/managed may be able to hire you for those jobs in-game after an approved application for that job in our Discord.

First time applicants will be asked to play as a civilian for quite some time, prior to being able to apply for any whitelisted job(s), just to make sure you are a good fit for the server and can follow the rules, as well as that you are dependable for helping populate the server. At times, a voice discussion in Discord may be required prior to approval of any application.

YOUTUBE, TWITCH, VIDEO Guidelines are made a part of these rules and can be found here: Rules & Guidelines – Part 2.

KUFFS Gaming Admins reserve the right to ban or remove anyone from the server at any time, for any reason.

These rules are subject to change at any time, your continued play on the server constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to them. Any changes to the rules will be communicated in our Discord.