Rules & Guidelines – Part 2

YouTube/Twitch/Video Guidelines

Lots of people that play on our server have video channels and record videos for YouTube, Twitch, and other video sharing platforms. The following are the rules/guidelines for anyone with a channel, stream, etc.

Important Note: KUFFS Gaming Members and other server players are often recording video/audio. By playing on the server, you agree that your voice, character likeness, etc will be used and published in various media formats. Your play on the server constitutes your acceptance and approval, and waiver of all rights to place any claim against the publisher, KUFFS Gaming, or any other entity involved.


Only official KUFFS Gaming Crew members (OnyxEyeAcePilot2k7, RyWilson, and JaimeH) and specified Stream Team Members can live stream from the server on:

  • Tuesdays between 8pm and 10pm Central US Time (9pm-11pm Eastern US Time)
  • Saturdays between 8pm and 10pm Central US Time (9pm-11pm Eastern US Time)

Other times, streaming is allowed from the server for people who have expressly been given permission. Do NOT stream from our server without prior permission from admins, only Stream Team Members can stream from the server during one of the official Tuesday or Saturday night KUFFS streams listed above. Approved streamers are by INVITE ONLY.

Those granted the Approved Streamer privileges must maintain exceptional attendance for official KUFFS streams on Tuesdays/Saturdays as well as be consistent with streaming from the KUFFSrp server.

Currently Approved streamers:

Approved streamers for our server should ONLY stream/promote videos from this server. If you stream or promote videos from another FiveM server, you will lose the privilege to stream from the KUFFS server. Approved streamers are prohibited from playing on any other FiveM roleplay servers without prior approval from the admin team.

Violation of the streaming/recording rules and guidelines can result in a permanent ban.

Approved streamers should stream from the server on a regular basis, and a minimum of once every 30 days to maintain their approval status.


You are more than welcome to record videos any time you are on the server. But there are a few guidelines to follow:

Identification: Never claim to be a “member” of KUFFS Gaming. If asked, you can identify yourself as a server community player on the KUFFS Gaming Server. There is a big difference between being a player on the server and an official member of the KUFFS Gaming Crew. We aren’t recruiting for official members.

Titles & Descriptions: The words “KUFFS Gaming Crew” cannot be used in your title, description, or tags. You may however use “KUFFS Gaming Server” or “KUFFS Gaming Roleplay Server”, etc. YOU MUST provide a link to the KUFFS Gaming Website ( in your description. A semi-updated mods list for our server can be found at, if you choose to include that, as well.

Logo: The official KUFFS Gaming logo and KUFFSrp logo with the badge are not public domain and may not be used in any way, shape, or form, including in thumbnails. For your video thumbnails, you may use the logo pinned in the #kuffs-fivem-server discussion channel of our Discord, or make your own (as long as it does not too closely resemble the official KUFFS Gaming Crew logo, especially do not include the official KUFFS badge). Use of this logo is subject to copyright and approval for use is ONLY granted for use in your thumbnails for your videos recorded on the KUFFSrp FiveM server. No other use or distribution is permitted.

Behavior: Trolling, metagaming, and other rule violations are not acceptable in your videos. If you plan on trolling or causing issues in the server for a “funny” video on your channel, you’re in the wrong place.

Defamation: If you get pissed off, don’t talk shit about KUFFS Gaming Crew, the server, or anyone that plays on the server. There’s a fine line between voicing your opinion and being an ass. Please stay on the correct side of that line and keep to constructive criticism, only.

These rules are non-negotiable and your play on the KUFFSrp server signifies your acceptance of them.