LEO/Fire/EMS Jobs

All Jobs with Local and State Law enforcement, Fire Department and EMS services are whitelisted and require an application and approval by Admins. In order to be considered for an LEO/EMS/Fire position, you should also have been active in the KUFFS FiveM server for a minimum of 3 months. Once approved, You will receive detailed information related to your chosen career and You will have to attend and pass academy training prior to being allowed to work as LEO/First responder. Once You’ve completed training, You will be in a probationary status until Your training officer/supervisor clears you for standard duty. To apply, you must already be a whitelisted member of our server.

NOTE: Those holding whitelisted jobs of LEO, Fire/EMS, and Coroner cannot hold those positions unless the KUFFS FiveM server is the ONLY FiveM server they are part of. Dispatch is excluded from this requirement but attendance and participation will be monitored. The only exception to this whitelisted role rule is Coastline Roleplay (Blade’s group’s server), but prior permission is required.

Violations of the 1 server rule will be handled as follows:
1st offense, warning. 2nd offense is role removal for 60 days. 3rd offense is permanent role removal. No appeals.

Applications are viewed periodically and once reviewed your application will be replied to by an admin with instructions on how to proceed. LEO/Fire/EMS applications are housed in our Discord, now. Those application sections are also only available to currently whitelisted players.