One of the many recreational activities offered across the state, Fishing is by far the most popular past time. Recreational fishing allows for a player to spend time relaxing by the water with your friends, catch fish which you can then consume; give to another player or simply toss in the trash for the local cats to enjoy.

To go Fishing, First You need to visit a local market and purchase a fishing pole ($20). Once You’ve gotten your fishing pole, head to any river, lake or shoreline. Stand with your feet in the water and press the comma [,]  key on your keyboard.

The first time you press the key, it will equip your pole for the first time. Press the comma key again to start fishing. Once You’ve dropped your line in the water & wait for a fish to bite. When You get a bite, a meter will pop up on your screen. when the meter is green hit the {ENTER] key to reel in the fish. Your catch info will be displayed on-screen just above Your mini-map. Every time you catch or lose a fish, You will need to press the comma Key [,] to equip your fishing pole and drop your line in the water.

To stop fishing, simply wait for the current line to get a bite, and then do not press the comma [,] key, just walk out fo the water and go about your gameplay.

*NOTE* – You MUST be standing in water for the fishing pole to work. If You encounter issues with the script not working, Try to move further into the water before reporting an issue. As a general rule, make sure you are standing in water up to your ped’s knees.