One of the many recreational activities offered across the state, Fishing is by far the most popular past time. Recreational fishing allows for a player to spend time relaxing by the water with your friends, catch fish which you can then consume, give to another player, sell at the market or simply toss in the trash for the local cats to enjoy.

If you want your own boat, you’ll need to buy one from 356 (blue sail boat icon) for most boats or if you want more fancy yacht style boats, talk to the guy at postal 348.

You can buy your fishing gear from the guy at postal 3003. You can also rent a quad from here if you wanna go hunting or drive somewhere off road to fish.

Angler/Offshore rod can be used from boats, piers, ledges, etc. Fly rods require that you be wading in at least some water of a stream, river, beach, etc. Use fly fishing lures for fly rods, of course, and buy tackle boxes for the Angler/Offshore rod. You will get a random assortment of lures from the tackle box to use with that rod, and the tackle box will be removed from your inventory.

Use the rod you want from your inventory and follow the prompts. You will get a green mini-game circle on your screen when fishing. You’ll want to press the corresponding key on your keyboard when the line reaches the darker colored part of the circle.

If you want to sell your catch, you can do so by talking to the guy at postal 3012.