GoKart Racing

That’s Right, The Los Santos Chamber of Commerce has approved a new form of recreation – GoKArt Racing. You are able to head out to the track with your friends, rent a GoKart and enjoy some racing action together.

To go Kart racing, head to the indoor track (postal 60, off El Ranco Blvd).  There is a snack bar area where you enter upstairs, and the kart track below.

NOTE: The karts are currently not available, that rental process is being re-worked.


All racing must be done in a safe and realistic manner. Excessive ramming, fighting, and related violence are prohibited, period – DO not engage in this type of poor sportsmanship!

Approved Kart Rentals are the ONLY vehicles allowed on the racetrack currently. If You are caught breaking this rule, you will be arrested/fined and jailed for 60 real time minutes – DO NOT attempt to race unauthorized vehicles on the track!)

Once You are done racing – RETURN your Kart to the garage. DO NOT leave karts scattered around the track – This results in Your banning from the race track permanently.

*NOTE* – DO NOT attempt to remove GoKArts from the race track area. ANY area outside the actual track is off limits for Kart use. If caught operating and/or in possession of a Kart outside the approved area, You’ll be arrested Fined and Jailed. Furthermore, Operation of a GoKart on streets/roads and highways/freeways is illegal and will result in arrest, fines, jail time and you may lose your driver’s license, meaning You will not be able to drive any vehicle in the server legally.