Are you the next Tiger Woods? The great golfer version, not the jailbird version. Bring yourself and maybe even some friends down to the Los Santos Golf Club and show everybody what you’ve got! You can manually wager with your friends or just have a friendly game, totally up to you.

Keep in mind, though, The Los Santos Golf Club doesn’t allow driving across the greens, pissing in bushes, making sand angels in the sand traps, or swimming in the water hazards. Keep it classy, Los Santos!

At postal 650 at the rear of the clubhouse, you’ll find a yellow marker. Enter that marker and press E to open the menu.

In the menu, you can see games currently in progress or create a new game.

Choose to start a new solo game by yourself, or start a multiplayer game with friends.

Once you’ve set up the game you want, choose to Launch the game.

Backspace out of the menu and proceed to hole #1 to start your game.

Once you’re at the hole start point, press E in the marker to begin.

You will get a flyby view of the route between you and the hole, then the camera will revert back to you to press E and begin your turn.

The prompts at the bottom tell you what keys to press to do what. Swing is started with the left mouse button, the power indicator is a vertical bar, with strongest swing nearer the bottom of the bar. Press left mouse button when the line is in the power location you want and your character will swing.

H will show you the current scores. G will give you a terrain grid so you can judge slope and elevation of the ground.

Precision is how fast your aim will move when you press A / D on the keyboard. Higher precision will move you faster, and lower precision will move your aim slower. Swap precision and move your angle using A & D on the keyboard until you get your aim the way you want it.

Q will allow you to switch clubs. You have a driver, a wedge, and iron, and a putter to choose from.

Once you’ve got everything set exactly like you want, press the left mouse button to start the swing as explained above.

Move to the ball to swing again, taking turns as instructed if in a multiplayer game.

Once all 9 holes are done, check your scores and determine the winner. End the game back at the rear of the clubhouse in the original marker menu near the door.

You can also return to the clubhouse door at any time during the game and end it. Ending the game will end it for all players in your game, not just you.

Have fun, keep it clean, and don’t drink and drive!