There are many places around the state that offer some great scenery and awe-inspiring views. While this activity is merely roleplay and for fun, There are some things to caution yourself on in order to be safe while out enjoying all that the great outdoors offers.

~ The state’s wildlife ranges from docile and easily spooked creatures to dangerous animals such as the mountain lion. While most of the time, the wildlife will not be an issue, You must remember that You are in their habitat, their world.  Mountain Lions are known to stalk and attack humans as prey, or attack if they feel threatened. Stay Vigilant and aware of your surroundings. do not stray off the trails/roads and hiking paths.

If You encounter a wild animal, keep Your distance and contact state LEO/Park Rangers immediately. DO NOT attempt to trap, wound nor capture the animal. Injuring animals can be illegal, even in the case of self-defense. Few self-defense situations will result in no charges filed. If You must defend your life against an animal attack, Do so at your own risk and contact the authorities immediately once you are in a safe location. Failure to properly notify authorities in a timely manner will result in criminal charges filed against you, and you may be arrested and face jail time and fines.