*NOTE* – We have a script that allows the skinning of some animals after you have taken them down. You must have a knife in your hand to skin them. Follow the prompts when near the animal to do so.

You can hunt the following animals and harvest their meat with a knife, machete, switchblade, or dagger:

  • Deer
  • Boars
  • Coyote
  • Cougars
  • Rabbits

There aren’t cooking recipes for these, yet, but you can sell the meat to the only slightly creepy looking guy at the yellow deer head marker at the Raven Slaughterhouse, grid 63.


~ Hunting is legally allowed ONLY in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and Raton Canyon Park areas. Hunting in any other area of the state, including owned property and Beach shoreline within the parks area, is not allowed. In other words, Stay in the woods!
~ All motorized vehicles must not exit the trail and roadways within the park. Motorized vehicles of all kinds must remain on designated road and trail ways in the park. DO NOT drive off road nor on hiking jogging paths. If you must exit the road/trail to hunt, Park your vehicle and proceed on foot. *REMEMBER to secure Your vehicle*

~ Firearms Regulations – There are a select group or firearms approved for hunting – Using/discharging any firearm not on the following approved list is illegal and punishable by law.


~ Semi-Auto Pistols
~ Pump Shotgun (Regulation barrel)
~ Black Powder Musket/Pistol
~ Hunting Rifle

*NOTE* – All other firearms, melee weapons, and explosives/incendiaries are illegal and not to be used at any time, for any reason. Furthermore, use of Jerry cans are also illegal for use within the park areas.  

– Use of suppressors, non-regulation/high capacity magazines, and similar accessories are illegal and not to be used.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement/Park Rangers –

As a law-abiding citizen of San Andreas, You are required by state laws to cooperate with any and all Law Enforcement and/or Park Ranger agents that make contact with You while in the state park areas. In such a case, Your weapon(s) and inventory may be inspected for irregularities and illegal weapons/items. If found in violation, you may be ticketed/arrested and possibly have your weapons and any animal carcasses seized – possible jail time and loss of the right to hunt may also be imposed for violating state hunting and park laws and regulations.