Project Cars

You like the rumble of a fixed up muscle car? Fast cars make your willy wag? Sounds like you might enjoy working on a project car for your collection, then.

Let’s get some guidelines out here on these right up front, though. Because once you use a blueprint, it places a busted up car model on the map that will remain in that spot until the car is completed and able to be driven away.


  • You are not allowed to place project cars in any public space, parking lot, or parking garage.
  • You should ideally place the project car on your own property in a way that doesn’t make the neighborhood look bad. Keep it in your driveway, not out on the road, and not on the grass. Think “Counting Cars” not “Sanford and Son”.
  • Keep in mind that once completed, this car must be driven away and stored in a garage, so don’t place it behind a fence or wall that you can’t drive out of.
  • If your character doesn’t own property, you can use an unopen/unavailable to purchase house/trailer out in the county somewhere and utilize the driveway or sensible area around that house or trailer. Be mindful of other houses in the area, and don’t block roadways, etc.
  • You can also reach out to someone who does own property and get permission to use their property to work on your project car.
  • You may also be able to rent a spot at Hayes, Otto’s, or Ace Towing to work on your project car. But that’s between you and that garage.
  • MC Clubs, gangs, businesses, etc can work guidelines out with their members/employees for using those properties for project cars.
  • DO NOT put these project cars in or near any Benny’s or LS Customs location, period. They could get in the way of other people using the car modification systems there.
  • TLDR: Don’t do stupid shit, or you’ll win a stupid prize and your project car will be deleted. Keep these in areas that you either own or have permission to use, and don’t block other people’s enjoyment of any areas, roads, etc.
  • REMOVE THE JACK STANDS as before you try to complete the car. Don’t forget this step. Remove them after putting on the wheels so you don’t forget.

How It Works

In the best way we can in FiveM, we want to simulate a “barn find” car restoration type activity. Since we can’t actually place car models all over the place to take up space and increase server overhead, we’ve located a script that we purchased to help provide car enthusiasts a fun way to “restore and old car”.

You can visit Rusty’s Restoration at Postal 599 on Elgin Avenue in Los Santos to purchase tools, some parts and car blueprints for your build.

The rest of the parts like seats, windshields, doors, windows, etc must be found by searching the rusted car/truck/bus props that are already part of the game’s map. Use the 3rd eye to search one of these “wrecks” for parts you can use in your build. There is a 4 minute cooldown per prop before it can be searched again. All parts can be found by searching, eventually. Tools and blueprints you’ll have to purchase.

Each vehicle will need:

  • The blueprint to place the project car.
  • Project car jack stand(s) to lift the car for placing the wheels on.
  • Wrench
  • Impact Drill
  • Funnel
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Lots of bolts
  • 4 wheels
  • All doors
  • All windows
  • All windscreens (front/back)
  • All seats
  • Hood
  • Trunk
  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Car Paint

Once you’ve placed the car with the blueprint, you can start adding parts to it. If you are missing a part or tool, you should get a notification as to what is missing.

You can also check the progress of your project and what parts you still need for each section by using the 3rd eye on the vehicle. To remove jack stands, use the 3rd eye just on the jack stand, itself.

Once the vehicle is totally completed you should be able to open the driver side door and get in. REMOVE THE JACK STANDS, FIRST! It would be a good habit to get in to remove the jack stands as soon as you’ve put the wheels on so you don’t forget. They’re only needed until you put the wheels on.

IMPORTANT: Once you get in, you will have a mini-game pop up where you have to press a letter on your keyboard to get the car started. Be prepared for this so you can quickly crank and get keys to the vehicle. Ownership is set at this time. Immediately drive it to a garage point and store it, then get it back out to make sure that ownership is set and the vehicle is properly saved in the database for you.

There is a chance that because of how this system operates that it will not let you store the vehicle in a garage. Don’t worry! It’s still in the database as owned by you. Things should straighten out and you should be able to get it out of a garage after the next server restart.

Do NOT do any other alterations to the vehicle until you’re able to spawn and store the vehicle in a garage point normally, or other upgrades may not save.