STATE LAWS/Moving Violations/Drug & Alcohol Codes


*NOTE* – These laws are subject to be changed/updated at any time. Any changes/updates will also be followed by an announcement in the KUFFS Discord and on the Kuffs FiveM Forum. Ignorance is not a valid reason for breaking a law.

GENERAL STATE SPEED LIMITS (Unless Obviously posted different)
City Roads/surface streets: 35 MPH (Unless Obviously posted)
County Roads/surface streets: 45 MPH
Highways/Freeways: 60 MPH

*NOTE* ALL moving violations from ‘real life’ translate to server life. *DRIVE REALISTICALLY, follow speed limits, use your turn signals, obey all traffic signs and signals, etc.*

Marijuana Is Legal to possess in limited amounts – Legal possession and use are as follows:
Possession> The law provides for up to 4 ‘joints’ TOTAL on your person, in your home, your Vehicle and/or a combination of these at any time.

CONSUMPTION> You may legally consume joints in your private residence only. Public consumption of any kind is Illegal and an arrestable offense resulting in fines/Jail time.

TRANSPORTATION> DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF Drugs AND/OR ALCOHOL DONT DO IT – Arrest, Fines, loss of licenses and jail time will be the result.

POSSESSION of Cannabis while in a vehicle is restricted to legal amounts. All cannabis should be stored in the vehicle’s trunk only. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in Arrest and Seizure of cannabis, vehicle impounded and legal issues just as fines, and jail time.

LSD and Cocaine, including the products to manufacture these drugs, AND possession of Weed and Weed Seeds is Illegal, Period.

SAN ANDREAS CIVIL OFFENCES (Fines/Jailtime/Legal actions determined by courts)
Public Intox – summons/Arrest/jail time/fines
public disturbance
Trespassing –
Illegal possession of Drugs
Illegal possession – weapons
Stolen property
Mugging – nonlethal weapon
Armed robbery
Electronic Theft
Forgery/possession of forgery items (stolen/fake cards/id’s)
possession with intent to manufacture drugs
Terrorist threats/actions/kidnapping
Licensure infractions
organized crime/racketeering

Failure to signal
Failure to yield for sign/signal
failure to yield to an emergency vehicle
improper lane change/stop/turn
DUI – Alc/narcotics
Grand Theft Auto
Vehicular Assault
Racing/Burnouts/Excessive unsafe driving
Aggressive/Wreckless driving-Road Rage
defective/illegal vehicle equipment
no/missing registration/vehicle plate
unroadworthy vehicle
no license
suspended license
no lights at night
improperly secured cargo
improperly secured medical cannabis/alcohol (trunk)
Illegally secured personal weapon/lack of weapon permit.

Additional charges/fines filed for committing of civil offenses while in a vehicle.

All charges/fines resulting in simple traffic summons must be paid at the courthouse within 30 days.

All charges resulting in civil court summons must be answered within 30 days at a reg court civil proceeding.

All charges resulting in arrest must be answered by both player and lawyer during monthly criminal proceeding session. Fines, levies, seizures and possibly additional jail time will be determined by the court. Fines/levies and seizures must be paid/surrendered immediately upon sentencing or longer jail time will be given instead of payment.

***Players arrested will initially be jailed while the bail bondsman pays your bail. upon release, you must immediately obtain legal counsel at the lawyer’s office for your court hearing. Failure to do so results in self-representation which never goes well.

Any jail sentences issued by the court will be handled like this:
1 month = 1 RL week
1 year = 1 RL month
Life = Character is never getting out, and can only be used in prisoner roleplay.
Death Sentence = Character is never getting out and is considered “deceased” after any follow-up prisoner roleplay.

32aAccessory After The FactFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
32bAccessory After The FactMisdemeanorProperty Bond$5,000.000-1 Years
67Bribery of Public EmployeesFelonyProperty Bond$5,000.002-4 Years
69Resisting Officer By Force/ThreatFelonyProperty Bond$5,000.000-3 Years
115Filing Forged DocumentsFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
118PerjuryFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.000-4 Years
118.1aPolice Officer Issuing False ReportsFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
118.1bPolice Officer Issuing False ReportsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-1 Years
132Offering False EvidenceFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
134Preparing False EvidenceFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
135Destroying or Concealing EvidenceMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
136.1aDissuading or Intimidating a WitnessFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-4 Years
136.1bDissuading or Intimidating a WitnessMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-1 Years
137Bribing a WitnessFelonyFederal Bail Bond$5,000.001-4 Years
141aPlanting or Tamering With EvidenceMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
141bPlanting or Tampering With Evidence (LEO)FelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-5 Years
148Resisting ArrestMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-1 Year
148.3aFalse Report of EmergencyMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
148.3bFalse Report of EmergencyFelonySurety Bond$5,000.000-3 Years
148.9Giving False Identity to PoliceMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
152Concealing Accidental DeathMisdemeanorSurety Bond$10,000.000-1 Years
154Fraudulent Conveyance by DebtorMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-1 Year
166Contempt of CourtMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-1 Year
169Picketing Outside CourthouseMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
171aUnauthorized Possession of Weapons in Public Buildings/MeetingsFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
171bUnauthorized Possession of Weapons in Public Buildings/MeetingsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-1 Year
171.5bPossession of Weapon at AirportMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
171.7Possession of Weapon at Public Transit FacilityMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
182aConspiracyFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-10 Years
182bConspiracyMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
185Wearing Mask or Disquise to Evade PoliceMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
186.10aMoney LaunderingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$250,000.0016 Months-4 Years
186.10bMoney LaunderingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
186.22a(F)Participating in a GangFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.0016 Months-3 Years
186.22a(M)Participating in a GangMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
186.22bGang Sentencing EnhancementFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.005 Years-Life
187MurderFelonyNo Bail$10,000.0020 Years-Life w/o Parole or Death Penalty
191.5aGross Vehicular Manslaughter While IntoxicatedFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.004-10 Years & License Suspended
191.5b(F)Vehicular Manslaughter While IntoxicatedFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months-4 Years & License Suspended
191.5b(M)Vehicular Manslaughter While IntoxicatedMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-1 Year & License Suspended
192aVoluntary ManslaughterFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-11 Years
192bInvoluntary ManslaughterFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-4 Years
192c1Vehicular Manslaughter Gross NegligenceFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-6 Years
192c2Vehicular ManslaughterMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-1 Year
203Mayhem (Disfigurement)FelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-8 Years
205Aggravated Mayhem (Disfigurement)FelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.00Life with Parole Possible After 7 Years
206TortureFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.00Life with Parole Possible After 7 Years
207KidnappingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.003-12 Years
210.5False Imprisonment of Hostage to Avoid ArrestFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.003-8 Years
211RobberyFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-9 Years
215CarjackingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-9 Years (Per Victim in Car)
217.1aAssault on Public OfficialFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
220Assault With Intent to Commit FelonyFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-6 Years (Up to Life if Attempt to Commit Sex Crime)
236aFalse ImprisonmentFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
236bFalse ImprisonmentMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-1 Year
236.1Human TraffickingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$500,000.005-Life
240Simple AssaultMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
241Assault On Police OfficerMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months
242BatteryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-6 Months
243bBattery of Peace OfficerMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months
243cBattery of Peace OfficerFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.0016 Months-3 Years
243dAggravated Battery Causing Serious Bodily InjuryFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-4 Years
243eDomestic BatteryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months
243.4aSexual BatteryFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-4 Years
243.4bSexual BatteryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.006-12 Months
244Assault with Caustic ChemicalsFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002-4 Years
245Assault With Deadly WeaponFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-12 Years
246Shooting Into Occupied Dwelling/VehicleFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.006 Months-7 Years
246.3Negligent Discharge of FirearmMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.001-12 Months
247Shooting Into Unoccupied Dwelling/VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.001-3 Years
261RapeFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.004-8 Years
266Pimping/PanderingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-6 Years
273.5aDomestic Battery w/Bodily InjuryFelonyFederal Bail Bond$6,000.002-4 Years
273.5bDomestic Battery w/Bodily InjuryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$6,000.001-12 Months
273.6Violating Restraining OrderMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.001-12 Months
314Indecent ExposureMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.001-12 Months
347Poisoning Food/Drink/MedicineFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.001-5 Years
350Making/Selling Counterfeit GoodsFelonyFederal Bail Bond$200,000.001-3 Years
402aInterfering With Emergency SceneMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.001-12 Months
404Riot/Inciting RiotMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.001-12 Months
408Unlawful AssemblyMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
415Disturbing the PeaceMisdemeanorCitation Release$400.000-90 Days
417Brandishing or Displaying Deadly WeaponMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
417.6Brandishing a Deadly Weapon Causing Bodily HarmMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.003-12 Months
422aCriminal ThreatsFelonySurety Bond$5,000.001-4 Years +1 Year If Weapon Used
422bCriminal ThreatsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
422.6aCommission of Hate CrimeFelonySurety Bond$10,000.001-10 Years
422.6bCommission of Hate CrimeMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.004-12 Months +400 Hours Community Service
424Misappropriation of Public FundsFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.002,3, or 4 Years
451ArsonFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.001-9 Years
452aReckless BurningFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 6 Years
452bReckless BurningMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-16 Months + Community Service
459aBurglary of ResidenceFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.002, 4, or 6 Years
459b1Burglary of Commercial BuildingFelonyProperty Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 2 or 3 Years
459b2Burglary of Commercial BuildingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
459.5ShopliftingMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
464Burglary of Safe/VaultFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.002, 5, or 7 Years
466Possession of Burglary ToolsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
469Duplication or Unauthorized Possession of Key to Government BuildingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
470ForgeryFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
470aForgery of License/IDFelonySurety Bond$5,000.000-2 Years
470bPossession of Fake License/IDMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.001-12 Months
475Possession of Counterfeit GoodsMisdemeanorCash Bail$5,000.001-12 Months
476Check FraudMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
476aBad ChecksMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
484Petty TheftMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.001-6 Months
484eCredit Card TheftMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.002-12 Months
484gCredit Card FraudMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.002-12 Months
487d1Grand Theft AutoFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 3 Years
487d2Grand Theft FirearmFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 3 Years
496aReceiving Stolen PropertyFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
496bReceiving Stolen PropertyMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
503EmbezzlementFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
518ExtortionFelonySurety Bond$10,000.002, 3, or 4 Years
529aFalse ImpersonationFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
529bFalse ImpersonationMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
530.5aIdentity TheftFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
530.5bIdentity TheftMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
532aTheft By False PretensesFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 3 Years
532bTheft by False PretensesMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.001-6 Months
538dImpersonation Peace OfficerMisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months
550Submitting Fraudulent Insurance ClaimFelonySurety Bond$50,000.000-5 Years
587Damaging Railroad TracksMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
591Damaging Phone/Power/Telephone LinesMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
594aVandalismFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
594bVandalismMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
597aAnimal AbuseFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
597bAnimal CrueltyMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.001-12 Months
601aAggravated TresspassFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
601bAggravated TresspassMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
602TresspassMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
626.10aWeapon On School GroundsFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
626.10bWeapon On School GroundsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
631aWiretappingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
631bWiretappingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
632aEavesdroppingFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
632bEavesdroppingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
646.9aStalkingFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-5 Years
646.9bStalkingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
647aLewd Conduct in PublicMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
647bProstitution/Soliciting ProstitutionMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
647cAggressive PanhandlingMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-12 Months
647eSquattingMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-12 Months
647fPublic IntoxicationMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
647hLoiteringMisdemeanorCash Bail$500.000-6 Months
647iPeeking While Loitering/ProwlingMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
647jInvasion of PrivacyMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
647j4Revenge PornMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
653.22Loitering to Commit ProstitutionMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
653.23Supervising or Aiding ProstitutionMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
653bLoitering at a SchoolMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
653f1Soliciting Someone to Commit a CrimeFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 5 Years
653f2Soliciting Someone to Commit a CrimeMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
653mHarassing Phone Calls or Electronic CommunicationMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
653.2Electronic Cyber HarassmentMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
664aAttempted CrimeFelonySurety Bond$10,000.00Up to Half Jail Time of Crime Attempted
664bAttempted CrimeMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.00Up to Half Jail Time of Crime Attempted
853.7Violating a Written Promise to AppearMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
978.5Bench Warrant – Failure to AppearMisdemeanorSurety Bond$500.000-30 Days
1203.2aProbation ViolationFelonySurety Bond$0.00Up to Remainder of Original Sentence
1203.2bProbation ViolationMisdemeanorSurety Bond$0.00Up to Remainder of Original Sentence
4550Aiding Prisoner EscapeFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 4 Years
4502Possession or Manufacturing Weapon in PrisonFelonyNo Bail$10,000.000-4 Years
4573Possessing/Manufacturing Narcotics in PrisonFelonyNo Bail$10,000.000-3 Years
4573.5Bringing Contraband Into PrisonFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
11418Possession/Mfg of Weapon of Mass DestructionFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-12 Years
12022Use of Deadly Weapon in Commission of FelonyFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-10 Years
12022.4Aiding or Abetting a Felony with a FirearmFelonySurety Bond$10,000.001-3 Years
18710Possession of Destructive Devices or ExplosivesFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months, 2 Years, or 3 Years
12556Imitation Firearm Displayed in PublicInfractionNo Bail$300.00None. 3rd Offense Up to 6 Months
16590aPossession/Mfg/Sale of Prohibited WeaponsFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
16590bPossession/Mfg/Sale of Prohibited WeaponsMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
25400Carrying Concealed Weapon w/o PermitMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
25400.1Felon Carrying Concealed Weapon w/o PermitFelonyFederal Bail Bond$10,000.0016 Months, or 2 – 3 Years
26100aShooting Firearm From VehicleFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
26100bShooting Firearm From VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
26350aOpenly Carrying Fiream in Public by FelonFelonySurety Bond$1,000.000-3 Years
26350bOpenly Carrying Firearm in Public w/o PermitMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
26500Sale of Firearm w/o LicenseMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.006 Months (Fine & Jail Term PER FIREARM) Prohibited from Obtaining CCW & Open Carry Permits
VC20False Statements to DMV/SAHPMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC31False Statements / Information to a Police OfficerMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC23612DUI Test RefusalTrafficCash Bail$1,000.0024 Hour Hold + 1 Year License Suspension Per Prior
VC2800.1Evading Law Enforcement in VehicleMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-12 Months
VC2800.2Reckless Evading of Law EnforcementFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months or 2-3 Years
VC2800.3aEvading Law Enforcement Causing Death or Serious InjuryFelonySurety Bond$10,000.003, 5, or 7 Years
VC2800.3bEvading Law Enforcement Causing InjuryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
VC4000a1Vehicle Registration Expired or Not ValidInfractionCitation Release$280.00None
VC4461Unauthorized Parking in Handicap SpaceInfractionCitation Release$250.00None
VC4462.5False Vehicle RegistrationMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC10501Filing False Auto Theft ReportMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC10801Operating Chop ShopFelonySurety Bond$50,000.000-4 Years
VC10851Unauthorized Use of VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
VC10852Tampering With Motor VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months + Criminal Restitution
VC10853Malicious Mischief of VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months + Criminal Restitution
VC12500aDriving Without Valid LicenseInfractionCitation Release$250.00None
VC14601.1Driving While License SuspendedMisdemeanorSurety Bond$3,000.000-12 Months
VC14601.2Driving While License Suspended for DUIMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
VC14601.3Habitual Traffic OffenderMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.00Mandatory 1 Month
VC20001Hit & Run Causing Injury or DeathFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-4 Years
VC20002Hit & RunMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
VC21453Running Red LightInfractionCitation Release$150.00None
VC21460Crossing Double LinesInfractionCitation Release$234.00None
VC21651aImproper Crossing of Divided HighwayInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC21651bDriving On Wrong Side of RoadMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC21663Driving on SidewalkInfractionCitation Release$280.00None
VC21703Following Too CloselyInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC21750Improper PassingInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC21800Failure to Yield Right of WayInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC21806Failure to Yield to Emergency VehicleInfractionCitation Release$490.00None
VC21950Failure to Yield to PedestrianInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC21955JaywalkingInfractionCitation Release$196.00None
VC22100Improper TurningInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC22100.5Illegal U-TurnInfractionCitation Release$234.00None
VC22108Failure to Signal/Improper SignalInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC22348bDriving Over 100 On FreewayMisdemeanorCash Bail$750.00None
VC22349.1Speeding 1-9 Over LimitInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC22349.2Speeding 10-14 Over LimitInfractionCitation Release$500.00None
VC22350.3Speeding 15+ Over LimitInfractionCitation Release$750.00None
VC22400Driving Too Slowly/Impeding TrafficInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC22450Running Stop SignInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC23103Reckless DrivingMisdemeanorCash Bail$900.000-90 Days
VC23104Reckless Driving Causing InjuryMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
VC23105Reckless Driving Resulting in Serious InjuryFelonySurety Bond$10,000.000-3 Years
VC23109Engaging in Speed ContestMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.0024 Hours – 90 Days
VC23110aThrowing Object/Substance at VehicleMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
VC23110bThrowing Dangerous Object/Substance at VehicleFelonySurety Bond$10,000.0016 Months – 3 Years
VC23123Use of Cell Phone While DrivingInfractionCitation Release$175.00None
VC23127Unauthorized Driving on Trails or PathsMisdemeanorCitation Release$1,000.000-6 Months
VC23152aDriving Under the Influence (DUI)MisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,500.000-12 Months (6 Months License Suspension)
VC23152bDriving While Intoxicated (DWI) (0.08+)MisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months (1 Year License Suspension)
VC23152fDriving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI-D)MisdemeanorSurety Bond$2,000.000-12 Months (1 Year License Suspension)
VC23153Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury (DUI-I)FelonySurety Bond$5,000.002, 3, or 4 Years + Up To 3 Years Per Injured Victim (5 Year License Suspension)
VC23221Open Container in Motor VehicleInfractionCitation Release$300.00None
VC23222bPossession of Personal Marijuana While DrivingInfractionCitation Release$500.00None (Marijuana Seized)
VC24002Operation of Unsafe/Unlawfully Equipped VehicleInfractionCitation Release$238.00None (Vehicle towed if too unsafe)
VC24250Driving Without Headlights When RequiredInfractionCitation Release$230.00None
VC26708Illegal Window TintInfractionCitation Release$197.00None
VC27315No SeatbeltInfractionCitation Release$75.00None
VC24409Failure to Dim High BeamsInfractionCitation Release$238.00None
VC27803Operating Motorcycle w/o HelmetInfractionCitation Release$197.00None
VC34506Failure to Comply with Commercial Vehicle GuidelinesMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
VC40508aFailure to Appear – TrafficMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-6 Months
HS11350Possession of Controlled SubstaceMisdemeanorSurety Bond$1,000.000-12 Months
HS11351Possession of Controlled Substance w/Intent to DistributeFelonySurety Bond$20,000.002, 3, or 4 Years
HS11352Transportation or Distribution of Controlled SubstanceFelonySurety Bond$20,000.003-9 Years
HS11357Possession of Personal Use Marijuana 5+MisdemeanorCash Bail$500.000-6 Months
HS11364Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaMisdemeanorCash Bail$1,000.000-6 Months
HS11370.1Possession of Narcotics While ArmedFelonySurety Bond$10,000.002, 3, or 4 Years (Lifetime Revocation on Weapons Permits)
HS11379.6Manufacturing Controlled SubstanceFelonySurety Bond$50,000.001-7 Years
HS12085Mfg/Possession/Transportation of ExplosivesMisdemeanorSurety Bond$5,000.000-12 Months
W100Written Warning (Explain in Notes)WarningRecognizance Release$0.00None
RO1Civil Harassment Restraining OrderRestraining Order$0.000
RO2Domestic Violence Restraining OrderRestraining Order$0.000
RO3Elder Abuse Restraining OrderRestraining Order$0.000
RO4Workplace Violence Restraining OrderRestraining Order$0.000
TRO1Temporary Restraining OrderRestraining Order$0.000