Server Supporter VIP Pack Choices

For supporters on our Tebex Store at the Gold, Platinum, and Titanium levels, there are VIP packages you can choose once per month.

Gold – 1 choice, Platinum – 2 choices, Titanium – 3 choices.
– Must submit a ticket in the Server Supporter Ticket System of our Discord to request your pack(s). Your Tebex transaction number may be needed to confirm your tier.

RedM Package

$250 in-game money put in 1 character’s bank in 1 town.

Money option can only be chosen ONCE per month, regardless of number of available perks.

– Submitted request ticket mush include your character’s name and bank’s town name.

Access to SPECIAL section of the stables.
– Submit a server supporter request ticket so your supporter status can be set in the database.
– No need to submit this again, unless you need to do so for another character. Once set, it’s set.

FiveM Package

$100,000 in-game money put in player’s bank.

– Submitted request ticket must include your character’s name.

Access to various other special perks.


DayZ Package

  • 3 Blood Bags (your choice on type)
  • 4 boxes of ammo (your choice of type)
  • 5 bandages.

– Submitted request ticket will require some planning for an admin to get online with you to transfer the items to your inventory, manually.

ATLAS Package

  • 20 Sea Bass Gumbo
  • 100 ammo (your choice of type, including cannon balls, but EXCLUDING torpedoes)
  • 100 Crew Porridge
  • 500 Gold Coins.

– An admin will put your items in a locked chest at Tradewinds Cay for you to pick up. The request ticket you submit will be replied to once the package is ready for pickup.