Server Supporter VIP Pack Choices

For supporters on our Tebex Store at the Gold, Platinum, and Titanium levels, there are VIP packages you can choose once per month.

Gold – 1 choice, Platinum – 2 choices, Titanium – 3 choices.
– Must submit a ticket in the Server Supporter Ticket System of our Discord to request your pack(s). Your Tebex transaction number may be needed to confirm your tier.

RedM Package

$250 in-game money put in 1 character’s bank in 1 town.

Money option can only be chosen ONCE per month, regardless of number of available perks.

– Submitted request ticket mush include your character’s name and bank’s town name.

Access to SPECIAL section of the stables.
– Submit a server supporter request ticket so your supporter status can be set in the database.
– No need to submit this again, unless you need to do so for another character. Once set, it’s set.

FiveM Package

$200,000 in-game money put in player’s bank.

– Submitted request ticket must include your vRP server ID number. This number is found next to your name in the HOME button player listing when logged into the server.

Access to various other special perks.


DayZ Package

  • 3 Blood Bags (your choice on type)
  • 4 boxes of ammo (your choice of type)
  • 5 bandages.

– Submitted request ticket will require some planning for an admin to get online with you to transfer the items to your inventory, manually.

ATLAS Package

  • 20 Sea Bass Gumbo
  • 100 ammo (your choice of type, including cannon balls, but EXCLUDING torpedoes)
  • 100 Crew Porridge
  • 500 Gold Coins.

– An admin will put your items in a locked chest at Tradewinds Cay for you to pick up. The request ticket you submit will be replied to once the package is ready for pickup.