The KUFFSrp FiveM server uses TokoVOIP for proximity voice chat while playing on our server. This adds a much more realistic voice system where distance and direction makes a difference, just like the way we normally hear in real life.

You need the following to speak/hear in our server:

TeamSpeak3 Client

TokoVOIP Plugin for TeamSpeak3

Once you’ve got these downloaded, installed, and have joined our TeamSpeak Server (connection info in the #kuffs-fivem-server channel on our Discord) you can make sure you can speak/hear in-game by doing the following:

  • Connect to the KUFFSrp FiveM server
  • The TokoVOIP warning on your screen is normal until the plugin connects you to the system and moves you to the in-game channel.
  • Join the [tokovoip] KUFFSrp Waiting channel
  • Once you’ve connected to the server and are in the Waiting Channel, the TokoVOIP system will move you to the [tokovoip] KUFFSrp In-Game channel, automatically.
  • If you have issues, you can use the Plugins dropdown menu for TokoVOIP in TeamSpeak to Disconnect/Connect to re-connect.
  • If your router or firewall requires that you open the required ports and/or whitelist the IP address, they are:
    IP Address: Ports: 30169 and 45169

    If you can’t get it unblocked, you can try a free VPN from here:
  • You can adjust your voice carry range by pressing PageUp on your keyboard. Your choices are Normal, Shouting, and Whispering. 99% of the time you should be on NORMAL.
  • The range distance highlights yellow when your voice is being picked up. If you notice a lot of background noise bleeding through when you aren’t actually talking, adjust your mic sensitivity and background noise settings in TeamSpeak’s options.

ALL PLAYERS – Pause Menu In-Game Voice Settings:

  • Leave in-game voice turned on or turn it off, doesn’t matter.
  • Turn push-to-talk ON if you leave in-game voice turned on. NO EXCEPTIONS HERE!
  • You won’t use the regular in-game voice unless you have a job that uses radio communication. TokoVOIP will handle all proximity voice communication through TeamSpeak.
  • If you do not hold a job that uses the radio communication system, it’s best if you remove some keybinds for the radio system so you don’t have key conflicts. In Pause Menu/Settings/Keybindings/FiveM, delete anything with scnp25 next to the name.


  • Leave in-game voice turned ON.
  • Turn push-to-talk ON. NO EXCEPTIONS HERE!
  • Your in-game voice push-to-talk button MUST MATCH your radio communication push-to-talk button.
  • In Settings/Key Bindings/FiveM, look for Push-To-Talk (scnp25) and set it what you want to use to speak on the radio. There are also other radio (scnp25) keybinds you can change to your preference.
  • In Settings/Key Bindings/GTA Online, look for Push to Talk and set it to THE SAME key you set for your radio in the last step.
  • In Settings/Key Bindings/FiveM, look for Radio emergency (scnp25) and change it from F5 if you use the speed radar, otherwise you’ll set off panic alarms every time you try to open the radar menu.
  • DO NOT use radio channels your job shouldn’t. For example, Tow/Mechanic should not be on the SA Law channels, etc. Air Traffic should only use the air traffic channel, and so on.

Brief Overview of How the Radio System Works

We are currently using a customized in-game radio system created and maintained by Sloosecanon.

First, let me say, the ONLY approved characters for use of the radio are those already approved and currently in these jobs, and they should only use the radio Zone assigned to their jobs:

  • Law Enforcement – Zone 1
  • Coroner/Medical Examiner – Zone 1
  • Fire/EMS – Zone 2
  • Gruppe6 – Zone 3
  • Air Traffic (approved cargo & airline pilots) – Zone 4
  • Transit System (approved bus drivers) – Zone 5
  • Tow/Mechanic – Zone 6

Basic Functions:

  • Many of the keybinds for this radio system can be changed in the Pause Menu/Settings/Key Bindings/FiveM. Look for items with scnp25 in the name.
  • Open/Close the radio – enter /radio in chat or press the backslash ( \ ) button on your keyboard (this keybind can be changed by you)
  • You will get a notification the first time you use the radio each time you log into the server to authorize the radio to access your mic. Press F8, then look at the bottom of your screen and press the Allow button. Then press F8 to close the console.
  • Interact with radio buttons & UI – When the radio is displayed on your screen, press left bracket [ to focus the radio so you can turn knobs and press buttons. When done, and to turn radio UI focus off, press Escape on your keyboard.
  • To change zones, use the ZnUp and ZnDn buttons on the radio or the keybinds you set for yourself.
  • To change channels within your zone, use the large knob with numbers under it, or the keybinds you set for yourself.
  • Make sure your in-game voice in Pause Menu/Settings/Voice Chat is to to Push To Talk, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Make sure you’ve set your push-to-talk button keybind to the same in Pause Menu/Settings/Key Bindings/GTA Online and Pause Menu/Settings/Key Bindings/FiveM/Push-To-Talk (scnp25). For example, I use Right Control for both.
  • If you’re authorized and in Emergency Vehicles – Pay close attention to keybind settings for Fiskey’s Panic Button, FivePD’s Panic Button, and scnp25’s Panic Button to make sure they don’t conflict with the speed radar.